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About Us

We are connecting the heart and soul of the Fixed Gear universe, nurturing a space where passion for riding meets the spirit of community. At Fixed Gear Cult, we’re all about amplifying the voice of the Fixed Gear community, supporting riders, influencers, and enthusiasts in every corner of the world.

Uniting the Fixed Gear Community

Our mission is to spread the essence of Fixed Gear culture, fostering unity and camaraderie among those who embrace this lifestyle. ‘Community First, Always’ is our mantra as we dedicate ourselves to voluntary editorial work across platforms, sharing every thrilling ride and inspiring story.

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Fixed Gear Culture

Welcome to our channel dedicated to all things Fixed Gear Bikes and Culture! Immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of Fixed Gear as we support riders globally. We are the hub for everything from thrilling rides and awe-inspiring tricks to mesmerizing bike builds. Firmly backing Fixed Gear riders, brands, and manufacturers, we aim to foster connections, build bridges, and expand the horizons of Fixed Gear enthusiasts, celebrating the unbridled passion and camaraderie of this dynamic community.


Our goal is to become the central hub for our community brand. We strive to better connect with riders and personalities in the Fixed Gear Community, making our social media channels more accessible. We aim to engage with riders, influencers, and talents, offering them opportunities for mutual support and effective collaborations.

Bridge Between

Brands and Community

For the brands, manufacturers, and makers supplying stylish and sturdy bike parts, tools, gadgets, and accessories, we serve as the interface to the Fixed Gear Community. We help them expand their reach and increase brand recognition, bringing their products to the right audience. Our experience with pilot projects and successful campaigns has allowed us to assist many brands in achieving greater reach through comprehensive social media campaigns, covering everything from project management to content creation, film, photography, publication, and performance measurement.

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Creative and Technical Expertise

With our Media and Design Team, we are equipped to handle all creative and technical tasks. Our expertise allows us to transform ideas into impactful content, enhancing the Fixed Gear experience for our community and partners.

Fixed Gear Culture

Empowering Through

Our Community Shop

In our Community Shop, we design and develop stylish merchandise and bike parts, catering to the tastes and needs of our community. The proceeds from our shop are crucial in supporting our unpaid work across various fields such as editorial content, social media, content creation, and more. We invite you to support us through your purchases, sharing in the joy and passion we put into each product. Not only do we hope our products resonate with your style, but also that they enhance it. Our product range may start small, but we’re committed to expanding it over time, continually offering new and exciting items.

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