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The collaboration aimed to establish the Santa Fixie brand within the Fixed Gear community and to showcase their new complete bike model, “Raval.” In partnership with Santa Fixie, we executed a comprehensive and professionally managed campaign. Our approach included the following elements:

Campaign Development

  • Project Management: We managed the entire project lifecycle, ensuring every aspect of the campaign was meticulously planned and executed. This included detailed scheduling, coordination, and resource management to deliver on time and within budget.
  • Communication: Continuous and clear communication with Santa Fixie was maintained to align their vision and goals with our campaign strategies. Regular updates and collaborative discussions ensured seamless execution.
Success Story Santafixie Fixed Gear Culture
Success Story Santafixie Fixed Gear Culture

Content Creation

  • Bike Build Video: We produced a high-quality Bike Build video for YouTube, showcasing the assembly of the “Raval” model. This video not only highlighted the technical aspects but also captured the excitement and passion of the build process.
  • Photoshoots for Instagram: Our team organized multiple photoshoots featuring professional riders and photographers. These sessions were meticulously planned to capture the essence of the “Raval” model in action, producing captivating images for Instagram.
  • Promotional Management: We handled the entire promotional management, including selecting and coordinating riders, photographers, and videographers. Our extensive network within the Fixed Gear community allowed us to bring together top talent for this campaign.

Network and Insider Knowledge

  • Community Network: Leveraging our deep connections within the Fixed Gear community, we ensured that the content produced reached a wide audience. Our network of riders and influencers played a crucial role in amplifying the campaign’s reach through stories and reposts.
  • Insider Knowledge: Our intimate understanding of the Fixed Gear culture enabled us to create content that resonated deeply with the community. This insider knowledge was instrumental in crafting messages and visuals that authentically represented the lifestyle.
Success Story Santafixie Fixed Gear Culture

Reporting and Professional Coverage

  • Comprehensive Reporting: We provided Santa Fixie with detailed reports on the campaign’s performance. This included metrics on reach, engagement, and overall impact, offering clear insights into the campaign’s success.
  • Professional Coverage: Throughout the campaign, we ensured professional and high-quality coverage across all platforms. From video production to social media posts, every piece of content was crafted to the highest standards.
Success Story Santafixie Fixed Gear Culture


We successfully helped establish Santa Fixie’s presence and brand image in the Fixed Gear community, generating awareness and sales for the new “Raval” model.

Key Metrics

  • YouTube: The Bike Build video garnered 15,000 views and 1,000 watch hours to date, along with numerous reactions and comments.
  • Instagram: Posts and stories reached over 200,000 users, with one post receiving nearly 5,000 likes.
  • Additional Benefits: Santa Fixie utilized the professionally produced photos for their own advertising purposes, newsletters, and blog posts, further enhancing the campaign’s reach and impact.
Success Story Santafixie Fixed Gear Culture

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